this is not

This is not a political blog. This is not an art blog. This is not a professional blog of any kind. I don’t claim nor do I demand to be any of those.  I’m not always politically correct, because there are so many rules that to me sometimes seem contradictory or useless, and generally I don’t do all that well with rules. Never have. I might be somewhat of a rebel when it comes to obeying rules, but I’m not disrespectful. I care a great deal about women’s rights, but to me that doesn’t necessarily start (or end, for that matter) with the in/innen causa. What I’m referring to mainly is that you can be all kinds of politically correct on paper but still hit your wife, pay your female employees less, or bad-mouth immigrants. Language is important, I agree, but the main focus shouldn’t be on how we refer to things, but how we think about things. On some other occasions I’m not to be taken too seriously. Jokes, yes? Extremism is not for me. Quite frankly, it scares me a bit. You see, I have opinions, but I would never go as far as trying to push them onto others without their consent.

I might wanna publish this statement somewhere so as to prevent people from asking me ‘ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?’ — Uhm, no, I’m not sure, what? I know nothing.

I do, however, want to recommend two albums. (I did say I mostly listen to electronic music so don’t check these out if your favorite music is Lady Gaga. Ok, ok. I’m generalizing again; shit, this truly isn’t easy.)

2562 Fever
Various / HotflushBack and 4th


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