Since I am extremely excited that I’ll be moving to one of Vienna’s nicest areas in late summer/fall, I decided to see what my new street has to offer and well, there are a few nice things I’d like to check out. Let’s see…

Zoller – A restaurant/café that apparently serves really good coffee.

Shanti Yoga Store – sells yoga mats, blankets, pillows, bags, etc.

Oz Cinethek – Video store that specializes in independent films (yay!).

Blue Box – Restaurant/bar/café

biomarkt Maran – well-known organic food store (also yay!)

Europa – Bar/Restaurant

ST.ART Gallery/Café/Cocktail bar – no link here but this sounds especially intriguing because I love multifunctional spaces. Galleries used as coffee places that also serve small bites to eat = perfection.

And uhm, word is my street is some kind of secret fashion mile with loads of new small clothing stores opening up! Can you hear the alarm bells ringing…

(images from,,


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