retro and things

I’m telling you, I am growing tired of pictures taken with cell phone cameras, especially various “retro” Apps. Ok so, the light leak effect was pretty cool in the beginning, but it is everywhere now, and I mean everywhere! People fill entire albums (facebook photo albums, that is) or blog posts with pictures taken with Instagram, Vignette, and whatever else there is. I’m still OK with posting the occasional Instagram picture on twitter or facebook, all I’m saying is don’t overdo it. Yes, I am guilty of this too… mainly because when I don’t have new analogue material to scan, I will often resort to snapping a photo on my Desire, then sometimes proceeding to edit it with the -ahem– Vignette App. I just sort of feel like… well, if you’re going for the analogue effect, why not use a proper analogue camera?

That said, here are a few cell phone pictures I took during my recent stay on a Greek island. Because I’m impatient and can’t wait for the four rolls of film to be developed.


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