Breakfast at Halle MQ / Flowers in my parents’ backyard / D

These are some summer leftovers that I only now got around to scanning. I can’t last much longer without a daily dose of bright sunlight and blue skies, so I figured I’d just make myself believe that summer’s around the corner by looking at some oldish photos.

I’ll be moving soon so I’m also a bit sad looking at pictures of my favorite places in Vienna. Six months just flew by like that…


on home and the importance of breakfast

If there’s one thing I’m going to miss when I move apartments in August, it’s my room in this one. Sure, I can take all of the decoration and even some pieces of furniture with me, but it’s just not going to be the same (of course, who would want to move into a room that’s at least twice as big as your old one?!).

Some of the photos on the wall are the ones I , er, the boyfriend recently picked up from the lab… will save those for another post.

Let’s not forget how important a good breakfast is to start off the day. To me, anyway; without breakfast I am nothing. Since eating is about all we did last weekend, I leave you with two pictures and a tumblr recommendation: BKFST.

Last, but not least…
some music! Very diverse mixture today, a bit of everything, based on what I’ve been listening to lately: Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (single off forthcoming album)// Klute – The Emperor’s New Clothes // Bon Iver – Bon Iver (so I haven’t bought this yet myself, but I just know it’s worth a recommendation) // Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here (best on vinyl, but I’m just using this as an excuse to brag because I own the original 1975 vinyl) // iTAL tEK – Cyclical (this is special because along with 2562’s Aerial this was the album that got me hooked on dubstep, and the first dubstep vinyl I bought).


Spring to me means to be out and about with friends, exploring the city, enjoying good food, enjoying the sun that increasingly feels like summer, having  a glass of wine on some rooftop… well I’m drifting off into a description of what I love about summer and technically it’s only spring, but these things are what I’ve been doing lately.

This was at Höhenrausch 2.0 (Brücken im Himmel/Bridges in the Sky), which is an installation of wooden bridges that connect a couple of rooftops in my hometown, Linz. It also curates some art installations that deal with the main themes air and water. If you ever happen to be close, you MUST see it, it’s amazing, especially during the golden hour (now between 7 and 8 p.m.) where I shot a roll of 35mm film within an hour without even noticing it.

After a delicious bottle of Chardonnay on Moni’s rooftop last Monday, her boyfriend Ryan cooked up an equally delicious dinner consisting of various kinds of salads (one had avocados – throw in avocados and I’ll love it), sutchi catfish, and pasta with mushrooms, parmesan and chives.

Also, if you haven’t got your hands on Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx’s album ‘We’re New Here (released on XL in February ’11), you definitely should. Got hooked on ‘NY Is Killing Me’ at first listen, which incidentally is the most upbeat track, but I’ve come to love the whole album. Venturing into dubstep I’ll give you two releases you can’t go without: xxxy’s You Always Start it/Ordinary Things and Burial’s eagerly anticipated Street Halo. Oldish stuff because I’ve been trying to save money (= no new music), but necessities in everyone’s music archive.


Since I am extremely excited that I’ll be moving to one of Vienna’s nicest areas in late summer/fall, I decided to see what my new street has to offer and well, there are a few nice things I’d like to check out. Let’s see…

Zoller – A restaurant/café that apparently serves really good coffee.

Shanti Yoga Store – sells yoga mats, blankets, pillows, bags, etc.

Oz Cinethek – Video store that specializes in independent films (yay!).

Blue Box – Restaurant/bar/café

biomarkt Maran – well-known organic food store (also yay!)

Europa – Bar/Restaurant

ST.ART Gallery/Café/Cocktail bar – no link here but this sounds especially intriguing because I love multifunctional spaces. Galleries used as coffee places that also serve small bites to eat = perfection.

And uhm, word is my street is some kind of secret fashion mile with loads of new small clothing stores opening up! Can you hear the alarm bells ringing…

(images from daszoller.at, vienna.unlike.net, europa-lager.at)