Photos from the most beautiful Saturday so far, it felt like spring was just around the corner. It was also my first time shooting with a DSLR other than my Canons (don’t judge); the boat photo is by me. Credit for the other two goes to D.

Life has been getting in the way of taking photos and updating anything internet related, save for pinterest and tumblr which really only requires one quick click. I have one roll of film waiting to be developed though, so that should make for another update in say, a month or so…



Breakfast at Halle MQ / Flowers in my parents’ backyard / D

These are some summer leftovers that I only now got around to scanning. I can’t last much longer without a daily dose of bright sunlight and blue skies, so I figured I’d just make myself believe that summer’s around the corner by looking at some oldish photos.

I’ll be moving soon so I’m also a bit sad looking at pictures of my favorite places in Vienna. Six months just flew by like that…

happy holidays

This year, I got to decorate my first very own Christmas tree, which inspired me to set up the tripod and actually put some effort into taking a couple of photographs in manual mode (I normally do everything without paying too much attention to technical details, never use flash and hardly ever a tripod – I love working with natural light, which is an art in itself).  Today, I am listening to this Christmas playlist while hiding in my room wrapping gifts.

I hope everybody gets to spend a few wonderful days with their families and loved ones. And you must not forget the food. All the amazing food that has yet to be eaten…


What was originally intended to just be a visit to the local zoo ended up turning into a lovely autumn walk because we got off at the wrong stop and had to go back down the hill. ‘Twas a beautiful day, the view over our little city was amazing. I have to admit I am still a four seasons kinda girl, wouldn’t want to miss the leaves turning different colours, the increasingly foggy days and then… the first snow (even though you’ll find me complaining about the f*cking cold a lot because really, I’d also be fine with eternal summer and I just don’t do cold).

As always, some tips: Haruki Murakami’s long anticipated novel 1Q84 is finally in stores, it’s one of those books that are so beautifully made I hardly want to touch them (as opposed to those paperbacks that are all wrinkly and you carry them everywhere and it just feels right), the cover design and the material are just exquisite. There’s a word I don’t use much, but honestly, exquisite applies here. If you’re in Linz this coming weekend make sure you attend Ahoi Pop! at Posthof (I sadly won’t be able to) – with Pantha du Prince, Dorian Concept and many more.


Summer hasn’t been what I’d call, well, summer, I mean with sun and heat and all…  eventually you’re bound to run out of things to do indoors on rainy days when really you’re longing to be at a lake or hiking or biking or playing some sort of ball game (volleyball, beerball) or sunbathing or sitting out on a porch with a glass of wine or lying in the grass with a spliff. It’s not humane at all to bring a girl into the world during the hottest of summers, installing a need for warmth and sunshine in her and then gradually changing what she knows as summer to five-days-of-rain-and-cold-two-days-of-semi-heat-and-humidity kind of climate. I mean the kind of humidity where lifting a box makes you feel like you just ran a marathon.

So here I am, looking at the last roll of film I had developed, including a batch of bbq photos.