Much like every winter, I’m on a quest to catch some sunlight whenever possible. Could be going better, but sometimes I succeed.



The reason why females have it hard with me and I tend to befriend guys much more easily and faster is because I already know the most amazing girls in the world. They’re my best friends and without them, not as much fun would be had, ever.

This was the first time in a while that it was just as four. We dined and wined and shared lots of laughs (as a result of highly sophisticated jokes, of course).


What was originally intended to just be a visit to the local zoo ended up turning into a lovely autumn walk because we got off at the wrong stop and had to go back down the hill. ‘Twas a beautiful day, the view over our little city was amazing. I have to admit I am still a four seasons kinda girl, wouldn’t want to miss the leaves turning different colours, the increasingly foggy days and then… the first snow (even though you’ll find me complaining about the f*cking cold a lot because really, I’d also be fine with eternal summer and I just don’t do cold).

As always, some tips: Haruki Murakami’s long anticipated novel 1Q84 is finally in stores, it’s one of those books that are so beautifully made I hardly want to touch them (as opposed to those paperbacks that are all wrinkly and you carry them everywhere and it just feels right), the cover design and the material are just exquisite. There’s a word I don’t use much, but honestly, exquisite applies here. If you’re in Linz this coming weekend make sure you attend Ahoi Pop! at Posthof (I sadly won’t be able to) – with Pantha du Prince, Dorian Concept and many more.


Things I like:

1. (+2). photographer Mark Borthwick’s BK studio (via Miss Moss) 3. by Viktor Vauthier (via HNTR GTHR)

Things I’m looking forward to: spending some fall/winter nights at MQ Vienna, reading issue n°4 of The Gentlewoman which just arrived in the mail yesterday, the Massive Attack x Burial collaboration on vinyl (even though it’s sold out right now), more chocolate fondue -I say more because I already had some last Sunday-, as found via Butlers, Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, visiting the newly opened Backyard Sale concept store in the 7th district (known for their Backyard Sale held at Pratersauna).

retro and things

I’m telling you, I am growing tired of pictures taken with cell phone cameras, especially various “retro” Apps. Ok so, the light leak effect was pretty cool in the beginning, but it is everywhere now, and I mean everywhere! People fill entire albums (facebook photo albums, that is) or blog posts with pictures taken with Instagram, Vignette, and whatever else there is. I’m still OK with posting the occasional Instagram picture on twitter or facebook, all I’m saying is don’t overdo it. Yes, I am guilty of this too… mainly because when I don’t have new analogue material to scan, I will often resort to snapping a photo on my Desire, then sometimes proceeding to edit it with the -ahem– Vignette App. I just sort of feel like… well, if you’re going for the analogue effect, why not use a proper analogue camera?

That said, here are a few cell phone pictures I took during my recent stay on a Greek island. Because I’m impatient and can’t wait for the four rolls of film to be developed.


Summer hasn’t been what I’d call, well, summer, I mean with sun and heat and all…  eventually you’re bound to run out of things to do indoors on rainy days when really you’re longing to be at a lake or hiking or biking or playing some sort of ball game (volleyball, beerball) or sunbathing or sitting out on a porch with a glass of wine or lying in the grass with a spliff. It’s not humane at all to bring a girl into the world during the hottest of summers, installing a need for warmth and sunshine in her and then gradually changing what she knows as summer to five-days-of-rain-and-cold-two-days-of-semi-heat-and-humidity kind of climate. I mean the kind of humidity where lifting a box makes you feel like you just ran a marathon.

So here I am, looking at the last roll of film I had developed, including a batch of bbq photos.